Sunshine of last summer

  The concept is that I collected last summer’s sunshine and present it for those who are in a gloomy mood during the winter time because of lack of light. When you cover the jar with your hands, it will slowly glow and present you a bright atmosphere of last summer.   Winter is here. […]

The Broken Lamp

This is a broken lamp. No matter how much you switch on to turn on the lamp, it’ll be turned off eventually. Sometimes it blinks few times and be turned off, sometimes it slowly fades out. It also makes a beeping noise once in a while. Obviously you can not turn on the lamp in the usual […]

Byun Hwa _ 변화

video 1024 x 768 / iPad / collaboration (with 7 students of department of media) Information will always change through repetition. Either our imagination or memory will trick us. Over 100 people were asked to repeat the drawing the previous person did, and to repeat the word the person before them said. The transforming drawings were made […]


Concept design, Logo design, Information visualization. Clean WWW campaign Information before the digital media age has ended up by being burned or broken. In this age of Internet, however, information is keep stacking up rather than disappearing. This has introduced the phenomenon ‘information overload’, which make people to question the accuracy and reliability of […]

var PungMul:String = “풍물놀이”;

video 700 x 700 / table projection, wooden frame, 100cm x 100cm x 300cm var PungMul:String = “풍물놀이”; is interactive visualization of Korean traditional performance named PungMulNoRi. As inferred by its title, this work is about digitalizing the traditional intangible cultural asset. PungMulNoRi is Korean folk culture which have performed usually between farmers and is composed of musical […]


video 80 x 768, no sound / LED screen x 22, 60cm x 787.2cm / collaboration  (with Mira Kim) FUN-RAY is a video for the exhibition of Media pole located in GangNam station, Seoul. Media pole is a digital media public facility that has long screens lengthways and no sound system. The place, GangNam station, is […]